YEEZY LLC Hires HuzLaw to Close Nine-Figure Deal
(25 December 2022)

The Law Office of Matthew Huzaineh, P.C. closed an all cash, nine-figure business deal for YEEZY LLC. A lifelong fan, attorney Matthew Huzaineh was lucky enough to work with Ye and his business team on this high-valued agreement. HuzLaw looks forward to taking care of your corporate needs, and we treat every client – big or small – with the same care.  

HuzLaw Closes Deal With Cookies®
(30 September 2021) 

The Law Office of Matthew Huzaineh, P.C. is proud and honored to have represented the sellers in a confidential merger agreement with one of America's largest cannabis brands. Please don't hesitate to contact HuzLaw about your business's legal needs, for large and small business owners alike.

HuzLaw Recovers its First Seven-Figure Settlement Via Court Appointed Receivership
(31 December 2020) 

The Law Office of Matthew Huzaineh, P.C. is honored to have recovered its largest settlement to date, won on behalf of an investor group that was defrauded into staking a failed business venture. Attorney Matthew Huzaineh compelled the court to appoint a "receiver" over the defendant's business in order to secure the settlement payment. Among HuzLaw's clients in this matter was a septuagenarian who had invested his entire pension savings in the scam.  Please contact The Law Office of Matthew Huzaineh, P.C. if someone has taken similar advantage of you or a loved one.

HuzLaw Secures Six-Figure Settlement for Elderly Beneficiary
(22 December 2019)

Attorney Matthew Huzaineh proudly netted over three hundred thousand dollars worth of cash and property for his octogenarian client who was falling victim to a predatory trustee. HuzLaw stepped-in just in time to prevent the trustee from relocating the elderly client out of his rightfully inherited home, in order to place it for sale. Please do not hesitate to contact the Law Office of Matthew Huzaineh if you suspect that you or someone you know is suffering from financial elder abuse.

HuzLaw Enforces Home Owners Bill of Rights, Holds-Off Home Foreclosure
(9 December 2019) 

The Law Office of Matthew Huzaineh welcomed its client into his fourth year of mortgage non-payment, after invoking the California Home Owners Bill of Rights against his mortgage lender and servicer in Ventura County Civil Court. The client, a single father of four, is entitled to live in the home along with his children while the matter pends in court. Please don't hesitate to contact HuzLaw if a mortgage lender is threatening you or someone you know with foreclosure.

HuzLaw Enforces US Copyright on French Art Gallery
(10 September 2019)

The Law Office of Matthew Huzaineh successfully enforced a United States copyright on a Parisian art gallery after discovering the unauthorized replication and display of his client's copyrighted graffiti art. Attorney Matthew Huzaineh negotiated a licensing agreement with the gallery owner that avoided a costly multinational lawsuit and resulted in the artist's fair compensation. A copyright obtained in the United States is often enforceable across the globe, especially in Europe. Please contact HuzLaw for any copyright or trademark issues that you may be experiencing at home or abroad.

HuzLaw Secures Cash Settlement for Hidden Camera Victims
(20 August 2019)

A popular home-sharing app settled out of court with the Law Office of Matthew Huzaineh after guests discovered a hidden camera concealed inside of a fake smoke detector positioned directly above the guest bed. The host was arrested and prosecuted by the Alameda County District Attorney. As per the terms of the settlement agreement, the settlement amount is strictly confidential. Please reach out to HuzLaw if you or someone you know has also discovered a hidden camera while staying in a rental property.

HuzLaw Uses Civil Subpoena to Identify & Stop Click-Fraudster
(10 August 2019)

A local small business owner and client of the Law Office of Matthew Huzaineh fell victim to "click-fraud", an unfair business practice where an online advertisement is removed from public display after all of the advertiser's purchased cursor "clicks" are exhausted. By filing suit against an anonymous "John Doe", and issuing subpoenas on several internet providers, attorney Matthew Huzaineh helped his client identify the repeat "clicker" as a business competitor, who immediately ceased his fraudulent clicking after being discovered.